Who we are

Striving to improve the welfare of rural people in Mukono District, the Christian Churches of Kyetume Parish formed Kyetume Community Based Health Care Programme (Kyetume CBHC) in 1994. Since then, the organization has promoted initiatives focused on advancing the health, welfare and socioeconomic development of the community. The Kyetume CBHC team is comprised of doctors, nurses, counselors, program officers and administrative staff who are dedicated to serving their community. We operate on the integrated community-based health care model which aims to provide services targeted at ensuring the holistic welfare of individuals and communities.

Mission Statement: Kyetume CBHC exists to promote a productive, healthy society responsive to the needs of each member of the community.

Value Statement: Kyetume CBHC strives to improve the general health standards of under-served rural community within Mukono District and Uganda at large by influencing the behavior of rural communities using a community-based involvement/participatory approach.

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Kyetume CBHC Program
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